For your infotainment: 7 Singapore personal finance vloggers who are rocking it on YouTube

Screen grab of Stanley from Value Invest Asia (Photo credit: Value Invest Asia)

As new retail investors sink money into the stock market, they have also turned to the world’s biggest video sharing platform for edutainment: YouTube. This is according to the Business Times that ran a post-National day story profiling stock-picking experts such as Ken Teng a.k.a Chicken Genius.

I noted in my round up ‘top reads’ article listing Ken as one YouTuber that could be making a nice stream of income through his videos. And lo, BT wrote that “In the last month, Mr Teng’s YouTube revenue came up to $2,800.”

Certainly, vloggers like Ken who do the research and put out valuable information deserve their rewards, even if money isn’t their motivation. Besides Chicken Genius, I would like to list down some more of these entrepreneurial Singaporean folks who have put in the effort and have the courage to put themselves out there.

Here are some of my favourite for edutainment:

Kelvin Learns Investing

Kelvin’s heavily accented Singlish, inability to pronounce ‘however’, and deadpan humour really tickles me. But, in all seriousness, what I like best about him is that he really breaks things down for the amateur investors. There is no big words and jargon. He tells you how he does it, in the simplest, Singlish way possible. Kelvin is fantastic for newbie investors.

Glen Ho from The Next Level

Glen is another Singlish-delivering vlogger that I really enjoy because, again, he tells you exactly how he does it, without sounding technical. An expert on Hong Kong stocks, Glen call a spade a spade in dispensing his advice. Of course, I wish he would go into a bit more depth at times, but perhaps he is saving his best stuff for courses he offers.

Stanley from Value Invest Asia

Unlike the first two, Stanley is a smooth talking vlogger who gives nice insights on his stock picks and business news.

Josh Tan, The Astute Parent

I’m pretty sure Josh films his videos using his mobile device, but his charisma and knowledge shines through nonetheless.

Gerald the Entrepreneur

I just stumbled onto Gerald the Entrepreneur very recently. I think YouTube knows I watch too many personal finance and business news channels, so I’m being directed to a lot of such folks. I think Gerald is quite good. So kudos to him. I hope his channel takes off.

Jorden Tan

Again, another YouTube vlogger that YouTube’s algorithm funneled to me. Jorden’s channel appears to be mostly travel videos. But he does personal finance content too. He got into investing because of Bitcoin, and he offers some more unique information on rarer ETFs.

Concluding thoughts

It’s interesting to note how most of these vloggers use exaggerated facial expressions on their thumbnail shots, and have mastered the art of clickbait-type titles to reel people in. Social media marketing 101.

Personal finance books and hedge funds experts on CNBC on Bloomberg often make things sound incredibly dull and high-falutin. That’s why it’s so refreshing to have YouTubers break down the companies and stocks in the simplest and most entertaining way possible.

A disclaimer: Please do your own research even after watching their videos.

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