About Us

VoidDeck Media (VDM) is a digital magazine covering the business of media and entertainment in Singapore. Our scope includes digital media companies, industry players in the Singapore digital media ecosystem, as well as artists and cultural businesses.

VDM is named after a distinct feature of Singapore’s public housing: the void deck. The void deck is the open ground floor area of public housing blocks in Singapore. Around 80% of Singaporeans live in public housing and many communal activities (i.e. weddings, funerals, baby showers etc) are held at void decks and its related amenities.

The HDB void deck

Our Vision

We live in a world where urban culture is shaped by economic world powers, whose perspective and worldviews are spread through their news outlets (AP, AFP, Reuters), movies (Hollywood, anime) and music (American pop, K-pop). Western media companies are over leveraged in setting the tone on culture with brands such as Disney (MCU), HBO (Game of Thrones), The New York Times, and Netflix, among the big names. This means that these nations have a major influence on the news we consume, the stories we read, and the key messages shaping public opinion.

At VoidDeck Media, our vision is to see more stories of Singapore’s diversity and culture told to the world. We believe this can be done by enhancing the local media and creative sector through media entrepreneurship. We also believe great storytelling can be a lubricant for Singapore’s trade and industry as a whole.

Our Mission

Therefore, our mission to play a role in increasing voices of Southeast Asia and Singapore is twofold:

  1. We aim to spotlight local mediapreneurs, digital media companies, and industry players in the Singapore digital media ecosystem. This includes artists and cultural businesses.
  2. We also seek to empower young Singapore-based creative professionals, including freelancers, become better communicators and storytellers, by providing useful information to manage their daily bread and butter issues in Singapore.

Our Products & Services

Photo by Tony Shostak on Unsplash