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I wrote about a little bit of my personal finance history a short while ago. Henceforth, I will using this blog to chart my foray into financial investments (I am technically an investor already because I have government bonds and a BTO).

The starting point will be in my reference tools in building up my knowledge. Back in 2011, I had dreamed about starting my personal finance blog, inspired by author Ramit Sethi’s teachings from his book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”. The book opened my mind into being a bit of a ‘corporate hustler’, in dealing and negotiating with banks and telcos. I used the teachings to get me off the hook when I was dealt ridiculous fees and charges.

Anyhow, after 2 – 3 posts on my personal finance blog, I gave up because of this blog, Cheerful Egg. Well, my blog wasn’t exactly like Lionel’s, it was more of a budget/deals blog, more similar to a fellow Chipster’s budget blog for her newspaper’s website. Chipster is what we call scholars of the Chips Quinn programme in the US. Back to Lionel, I felt his blog was point blank everything I envisioned for my blog. As there was already a strong ‘competitor’, I let my blog die a quick death.

Subsequently, I came across a ton of other superb personal finance blogs in Singapore, such as MoneySmart (in the early days, MoneySmart seemed to be a one-man show helmed by Ryan), Heartland Boy, Budget Babe, and Dollars & Sense. All great blogs with strong content. We are blessed in Singapore that there are many advocates of financial literacy, including the government with the Moneysense website and the Singapore Exchange doing its part.

Moving along, when I met my wife, I became pre-occupied with applying for HDB & holding my wedding. I even changed jobs. Switched from the newsroom to public service. There were a lot of changes in my life and so becoming an investor took a backseat.

With my house done up and the impending housewarming, I am all set to take the deep dive! Hence, the purpose of this blog post: to consolidate all my reference points – the blogs I can seek inspiration from.

Also, did you know that you can claim tax relief if you’re supporting a disabled parent? Reminder to self: Study this tax relief for disabled parent claims.



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