The newly-launched book, Navigating Disruption, tackles topics of minority representation in the media, evolving media consumption habits, and the future of communications

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During the Christmas season of 2008, a racially-aggravated encounter at a US supermarket chain spurred Singaporean author Bertrand Teo to use his student journalism work to spotlight Asian and Asian American issues. In the newly-launched book, Navigating Disruption: Media Relations in the Digital Age, Bertrand revisits his student journalism days and experience as a member of the minority in the US, while reflecting on the role of the media in shaping the mainstream perception of minorities in both the US and Singapore.

Launched on Saturday, 12 December, the book provides insights for communication professionals in negotiating Singapore’s new media landscape, framed by the author’s collegiate and professional journey. Bertrand shares his view of the digital transformation of legacy newsrooms and the rise of new media players in Singapore. He also writes about his experience witnessing a retrenchment exercise in a US newsroom and the digital transformation of a traditional newsroom here in Singapore.

Singapore Media History

In painting a portrait of the new media landscape, Bertrand takes readers through recent Singapore media history with his experience of the media liberalisation period in the early 2000s. Bertrand explains how millennials then had started to experiment with blogs and social media networking websites like Friendster. These experiments would enable millennial digital media entrepreneurs to compete with the giants like SPH and Mediacorp.

Author Bertrand Teo said: “This book is for readers who are interested to understand how newsrooms operate and how communicators can better engage audiences in the digital age. I think there is something for both aspiring and seasoned communicators, because communication technology is ever evolving. There is always something to learn about the ways different audiences consume information.”

Navigating Disruption is available online and at major online retailers and bookstores such as Kinokuniya, Times, and Popular. There is a special 20% promotional offer for the book from now till 10 January 2021 on Goguru (Times Bookstore).

For more information, watch the launch session that premiered Monday, 14 December on Facebook. Here’s a highlight from the event:

Who is the book ‘Navigating Disruption’ written for?

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