Singapore’s biggest live concert since the circuit breaker, Back To Live, rakes in around $22,000 in its two-day event

Photo credit: Collective Minds

More than 400 attended the concert featuring popular Singapore acts such as Benjamin Kheng, Sezairi and Charlie Lim.

Why it matters: The success of ‘Back To Live’ hinged not so much on profits, but how safely the event would pan out for concert goers, performers, and organisers. Concert organiser, Collective Minds, reportedly said they were “not expecting to profit, but to break even” and that the concert was to “serve as the first milestone for the roadmap leading up to the vaccine.” Tickets had cost around $55 for 1 day and $98 for 2-days.

How did the event fare? Based on post-event media reports, the event pulled through without a hitch, ushering in, perhaps, a new dawn for post-pandemic live events.

Here are some photo highlights of the two-day event:

Day 1

Day 2

Special shoutout: Kudos to the venue, Marina Bay Sands, too, for facilitating the concert. The concert would mark the “reopening of the Sands Theatre” which had been closed during throughout circuit breaker.

Let’s hope for more live music events like this at the Sands Theatre and other performance venues around Singapore!