Glocalizing Disney+’s Singapore launch: JJ Lin’s dramatic rooftop performance, Tampines and other slices of SG

Catch 'The Mandalorian' on Disney+ (Image by Lothar Dieterich from Pixabay)

The world of Disney classics must have popped into the minds of many Singaporeans last week (24 Feb), when Disney+ launched in the city-state. The launch event had a dazzling light show projected on the Marina Bay canvas backdrop, as well as JJ Lin performing on the rooftop of the Arts Science Museum. For one night, Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay skyline became Disney World (Star Wars and Marvel included).

Highlights of JJ Lin’s performance at the rooftop of the Arts Science Museum

The multimillion-dollar question on the minds of Disney executives would certainly have been whether their expensive marketing campaign would translate to subscriptions. According to a report citing a study by Pioneer Consulting Asia Pacific, 78% of Singapore residents polled said they were aware of the Disney+ launch and 70% said they were planning to sign up for the service.

For customers, the service offered here in Singapore is reportedly superior to the US version. Geek Culture reported that the Disney+ library here is more comprehensive than the US service. It includes up to R21 content, while the US service is limited to NC16.

Me, personally, the Disney+ launch made me think twice about buying Disney stock. It’s a company I’ve always admired.

I also really appreciate that the launch event brought to the fore slices of Singapore city life in its promotional content (Tampines included!):

It also included performances by local musicians like Nathan Hartono, Benjamin Kheng and Annette Lee. This wasn’t unexpected since STB was a partner in the launch event, but Disney could have gotten Hollywood A-listers to bring more publicity. I’m glad they looked to local talent to reach out to audiences here. It’s a nice gesture to the homegrown talent on our shores. Catch Ben Kheng and Annette’s rendition of Disney OSTs here: