This marriage proposal takes things to new heights, literally

Taking a leaf from the K-drama ‘Crash Landing on You’ concept, a Singaporean man rappels from the top of a 65 metre tall hotel, to ask for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

The proposal-at-heights took place in March 2021 at the Ramada Singapore in central Singapore.

Hovering at around 60 metres above ground, the man stations himself just outside the glass window of the room where his girlfriend is at.

He then whips out a flip book with a series of messages.

After abseiling, he descends to the mid-level open lounge area of the hotel (pictured below), where he pops the all important question.

The answer? Well, I think you can guess it.

Said the lucky man, fiancé Max Tan, on why he decided on abseiling to pop the question: “I wanted to show that love will push a man over his limit to get something done despite any obstacle, hardship or problem.”

Tan is a former army regular who transitioned to becoming a Rope Access Specialist. He now runs his own company, Verticals Pte Ltd, where he leads a team in providing rope access services.

He says this is the first time that anyone in Singapore has done a proposal like this. Check out the video proposal here: